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About Us

Starting from a blank slate, Lucien Miller, CEO of Innov8tive Designs, set out to design the finest motor available for the R/C aircraft market. Using the best materials available, such as hi-temperature N52 curved magnets, hi-temperature copper wire, high efficiency Kawasaki stator laminations, 7075 aluminum alloy and high-quality bearings, these motors truly live up to the name “BadAss”. If you’re tired of cheap motors that don’t last, or motors with a complete lack of performance information (we call them mystery motors), then we think you’re going to appreciate the new level of power, performance, and quality that BadAss motors offer.

Our performance charts are the most extensive and complete available anywhere. These charts Contain all the data that you almost never see with other motors, and that allows you to intelligently select the ideal power system for your model correctly the first time, every time. We test a wide range of LiPo voltages along with various sizes and type of props on a tightly controlled professional setup in order to bring you real-world results that you will see in your model. The specifications table included on each motor page is also very complete with all the information you may need to know about a motor. A full set of CAD drawings is also available for the motor and accessories allowing you to check the physical fit of a motor in your aircraft. Once you see how motor information should be presented, you may never buy another “mystery motor” ever again. Let us show you a better way to select a motor, and we believe you’ll become a BadAss customer for life.

BadAss 28mm Series Motors are made with .2mm stators plates, Neodymium N52 curved magnets, high temperature copper, and oversized ball bearings. The flux ring of the motor is ribbed for added strength and to create increased surface area for additional cooling. We use a double-retention system on the motor shafts to give you the most options possible with both a C-clip and shaft collar holding the two halves of the motor together. This actually gives you three options for mounting and maintenance. First if the shaft collar was in the way of your motor mount you can simply remove it and let the much smaller C-clip hold your motor together by itself. The second option you may choose, if you ever need to open up your motor someday, is to put your motor back together and only use the motor collar instead. This can make any future maintenance easier for you without dealing with the C-clip. The third option is how your motor will arrive in the box, with both the C-clip and the shaft collar installed. This is the best option for anyone that’s paranoid about their motor pulling apart in the air as it gives you double insurance that it’s not going to happen. Finally, BadAss motors are designed for easy maintenance with a full range of replacement and optional parts available to keep your motor in top shape. If you ever have crash damage, or somehow wear out your bearings after hundreds of flights, it won’t be the end of your motor. With proper care and maintenance, a good quality motor can last you a lifetime and we believe this delivers a better value product in today’s throw-away society.

BadAss motors provide flexible mounting options to fit a wide variety of applications. The motors can be mounted directly to a firewall with a standard 25mm hole spacing. The BadAss 28mm Cross Mounts feature slotted mounting holes for attachment to the firewall and accept hole spacings of between 40 and 44mm. This comes in very handy when switching from another brand motor, or when using an ARF style aircraft that comes with blind nuts already installed in the firewall.

BadAss motors also provide multiple options for mounting the propeller. Included with each motor is the standard bolt-on style prop adapter, which fits in most applications. An optional extra-long, bolt-on prop adapter is also available if you are using a prop with a thick hub along with a spinner with a thick backplate. Both of these come with both a standard hex nut and a Ny-Lock style hex nut, for modelers that prefer the security of a locking style nut.

Also available is a new design, smooth front shaft prop adapter. With most motors, if you want to use a spinner with a built-in collet style prop adapter, or want to use a folding prop which has a hub that attaches to the motor shaft with set screws, you need to push the shaft forward in the motor. This can be difficult in some cases and can damage the motor. The new smooth front shaft prop adapter bolts on in place of the threaded prop adapter and provides a smooth 5mm shaft on the front end of the motor making it easy to use any collet style prop adapter or spinner, without having to move or modify the shaft! The motors can also be turned around and mounted behind a firewall with the rear shaft of the motor protruding through the firewall. No other brand of motor offers so many different prop mounting options.



  • Strong N52 curved magnets rated for 150C (302F)
  • High temperature copper windings rated for 180C (356F)
  • Bolt-on threaded prop adapter included with standard and Ny-Lock nut
  • Optional bolt-on smooth front shaft and extra-long threaded prop adapters are available
  • Versatile mounting options to fit most aircraft firewalls
  • Dual Shaft Retention system with C-clip and shaft collar
  • Ribbed Flux Ring for added strength and increased cooling area