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BadAss 25C 1700mah 2S2P LiFe Battery


BadAss LiFe packs are Premium grade batteries with real capacities, true C-ratings, and a great lifespan so you will get your money's worth from every pack. These 25C constant-rated packs are truly worthly of the BadAss brand name.

Not all LiFe battery brands are the same, and there are many manufactures out there with wildly different levels of quality and performance. We searched for the best battery manufacturers, and tested many samples from them, to find the best LiFe packs available that would be worthy of our BadAss brand name. BadAss batteries have real capacities, true constant C-ratings and solid durability for a long lifespan so you get your money's worth out of every pack. Every BadAss LiFe battery is checked for proper storage level and individual cell balance before they are shipped to our customers to ensure you always receive a fresh quality pack.

This pack uses four 850mah cells wired in a 2S2P configuration.  This is done to make the pack essentially the same size as a 4-cell AA NiCad or NiMH style so it fits better in specific aircraft, such as gliders or smaller 1/2A size airplanes.


BadAss 25C 2S2P 1700mah LiFe Specifications
Capacity 1700mah
Voltage 6.6v
Max Continuous Discharge 25C - 42.5A
Max Charge Rate 1C - 1.7A
Weight 89g  (3.14oz)
Dimensions 30 x 31 x 58mm (1.18 x 1.22 x 2.28in)
Wire Size 20 AWG
Balance Plug JST XH-Type
Discharge Plug JR Style Servo Connector


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